Monday, May 10, 2010

JBoss Seam White Paper Published

JBoss Seam has been in use within industry for a few years now and has a substantial following in the developer market.  Recently, I published a paper highlighting how Seam enables Rapid Application Development (RAD) in the context of Agile environments.  The paper was written in collaboration with my colleague, Jacob Orshalick. 

JBoss Seam: Agile RIA Development Framework

Much of Seam's features are widely documented in forums and on the JBoss site. However, this white paper does not just highlight the many features of Seam.  The paper takes real world use case scenarios and demonstrates how Seam's features can be applied to increase speed of product delivery.  The use cases are geared toward solving business problems and user needs, while the gory details of a technical solution are avoided so that Seam's utility is understood by a wider audience. 

The audience of the paper includes product champions, sponsors, managers, business analysts, architects and developers.  In essence, the goal of the paper is to demonstrate how Seam can be applied to real world scenarios and allow a development team to focus on business needs rather than extraneous concerns, resulting in faster product delivery.


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